Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The need for national guidelines and testing in the home improvement industry

It's time for Washington to step up and put in place laws that will force the State to better regulation of the home improvement industry. Until now, Washington has left the regulation of home improvement industry, State regulators, and for whatever reason, many countries have fallen far short.

There are still some countries that do not even license for home improvement contractors. For some States that have licensing requirements do not include permissions that the applicant demonstrates the ability to perform all types of home improvement jobs. (That being said, I'll give you a license to cut hair, but you don't need to show that you know how to cut hair ... Oops!) Then state why license if there is no requirement to demonstrate competence? Income? Or maybe they need more consumer complaints for consumers and deal with the BBB? The unfortunate consequence of the matter is that homeowners, those who pay get poor workmanship and cascade home improvement problems.

Let's be honest, home improvement industry doesn't seem to attract individuals who are dependable, honest and competent. Bait money quickly and ease relatively "true" home improvement, "" brings a lot character to your door. When I was a contractor I need to hire people from different positions. Most of the people I interview and sometimes hire seems to have the same type of problem with a previous employer. These issues include the problems of addiction, honesty and reliability issues. Labor pool never seems to be more than an abundance of talent and job opportunities to choose from.

I remember always Read article after article that deals with the significant lack of human resources, in the home improvement industry. At the bottom of each article will always be the same, "If you can find an honest, reliable and competent people working for you, pulling out all the stops to keep them! Do whatever you need to do to keep people happy, because you never know if you'll be lucky enough to find someone to take his place. As the owner of that very constant and stressful to deal with problems You fear almost try and increase production of the project, because you know that You have to try and find someone to do extra work. Search for employees always are adventure, adventure, which never look forward.

10-15 years the number one problem in the home improvement industry is the lack of labor force. Many contractors have the training and hiring of minorities to try to solve this serious problem.

If you are talking about what is being done to improve the position of State agencies and film screenings in the home improvement industry, they will probably tell you something that does not work or there are other rules of money (testing). I heard it is 30 years. The area where I live (Suffolk County, New York) still does not need the ability to get home improvement home improvement license. Payment requirements go, but then pretty much remains the same. We are one of the highest taxed counties in the country, so I refuse to believe, there is no money to develop and implement police and a better process in the home improvement industry.

National Association of the remodeling industry (NARI) is a national organization that offers home improvement certification for individuals. They have a number of different certificates you can get. Get these certificates the applicant must show a variety of knowledge, starting with good business practices for knowledge of the project. NARA basic certification is the Certified Remodeler (CR). This certification requires the applicant to prepare a matrix or summary of experience and knowledge as well as specific values on a 2-hour exam. There are only about 1000 CR, with hundreds of thousands of home improvement contractors in the country. I received this certification in 1994 and is proud to hold this certification. I admit that this certification process is time consuming and a lot of takes effort, but it's well worth it. I also love that this certification is that it must be updated every year, showing continued involvement and knowledge in the home improvement industry.